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About Kopceta company

Trading on a cryptocurrency stock exchange becomes more and more popular all over the world. Today this is one of the most profitable and promising ways of earning. However, it requires large knowledge and experience and considers a quite high level of risks. The most dangerous is to do it alone not having enough background and appropriate knowledge in the financial sphere.

Investment platform Kopceta helps both beginners and already experienced investors and traders to get stable and high-level of income with minimal investments and risks.

Kopceta company is the international trading company which does its business on the largest currency and cryptocurrency stock exchanges. We play a role of a mediator between an investor and world financial and monetary market. The investment is carried out due to our in-depth developed investment plans. Our experts constantly study the financial environment, develop new investment strategies.

1 hour
$200 - $5000

Deposit included in profit
1 hour
$5001 - $9999

Deposit included in profit
1 hour
$10000 - $500000

Deposit included in profit

Investment plans


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Referral program

We developed a three-level referral program in order our clients would be able to provide themselves with stable passive income. Invite investors and get a bonus equal to 6% of their deposits. also, you will get the 2% bonus from those who were invited by your investors and 1% from the clients of the third level of the program.

  • 6%
  • 2%
  • 1%
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3


  • What is the main Kopceta company’s activity?

    We do traditional and cryptocurrency trading at the world largest monetary market Forex. Our clients invest in developed investment plans and a team of professional traders, in turn, provides maximal profits.

  • How to start investing?

    Complete the quick registration on the website, make the first deposit and invest in one of suggested investment plan. Our investor may become everyone regardless of location or nationality.

  • What payment systems are available?

    On the site are available: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Ethereum.

  • For what was this site developed?

    We developed this site in order to absolutely everyone could have an opportunity to become investors and start earning on a financial and monetary market. The platform allows investing from any place in the world. Also, the site is the initial and final stages of invested cash flows.

  • How many accounts can I have?

    A user can have only one account. Administration of the site has a right to block any additional account with all the money on a balance.

  • What is the deposit amount?

    You can deposit absolutely any amount of money but not less than 20 USD.

  • How many investment plans can I use?

    There are developed 3 investment plans on the site. Each of them has different payback periods and terms. You can invest in several investment plans at a time.

  • Can I reinvest my income?

    Instant withdraw after the investment plan is finished is not required. You can reinvest your income in other investment plans straight away.

  • Can I invest without a deposit?

    Depositing is not required. Form your investment capital due to participating in a referral program and invest this funds in investment plans.

  • If there a risk of money loss?

    The risk always is, as in any other business sphere. Our specialists constantly analyze currency rate changes in order to provide the maximal profits and minimize the risks.

  • What is minimal withdraw amount?

    The minimal amount for withdrawing is 1USD

  • What payment type is on the site?

    On the site is the manual payment type.

  • In how much time money will reach my e-wallet?

    The money will be transferred to your payment system within 48 hours from the moment the transaction was confirmed.

  • Is income withdrawing necessary?

    No, you can reinvest your income after the current investment period is finished.

  • In what currency can I withdraw funds?

    In the same which was deposited.

  • Do you have a referral program?

    Yes, we developed a three-level referral program. It gives opportunities to get a passive income by means of leading new clients. You get 6%,2% and 1% of each new client’s deposit amount.

  • Who can participate in the referral program?

    Participation is accepted for every registered user.

  • How many referral links can I have?

    Every user gets only one referral link. Changing it or having several ones is not allowed.

  • Can I withdraw my referral income?

    Yes, you can regularly withdraw your referral income or form investment capital from them.

  • When will I get the profits?

    As soon as the invited user makes the initial deposit, a part of this amount will be transferred to your account.